Other Information

Hello Rec community..

Monte Vista Parks and Recreation is collaborating with Kaboom and other organizations, to create a better way to gather your opinions, comments, and needs for/and about our local parks. Attached to this message there is a document that can help you better understand our goal and how to go about entering your comments. Also, bellow there are some step to help you.

This is a test drive to collect information and any information you can share, will help us get there.

1. Go to connect.streetwyze.com 
2. Click “Have a Code” and enter code RIOGD1
3. Enter cell phone OR email
4. Create an anonymous username and secure password
5. Log-in with cell phone number OR email
6. Complete demographic survey
7. Search for the playspace in mind
8. Share story about playspace on Streetwyz

Thank you for your help and interest in getting this community better and safer!